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Configuration Studio BLOCKS-system

Why you should use it

"Give power of choice and get error-free specifications"

BLOCKS-configurators visualize choice.
Products with many options can be formalized into a simple to understand system that allows your customer to compose the item of their choice, specifying options like color, size, position or accessories.
Basically any product or product-group with options or which can be organized can benefit from BLOCKS.
With the BLOCKS-system configuration is more than just visualization. You can generate orders, prices, article codes and much more.
Configure your product while showing it in its working environment.
Best of all, with BLOCKS you can easily build and maintain your configurators yourself, thus saving time and money.

How to start

After you've requested a membership, you will receive an email with your password. Since this application is for businesses only, we will evaluate the request before sending you your password. In the topright corner of this webpage you will find the login button which will direct you to the login page. After logging in you are redirected to the application.

How does it work?

At the top of the application you will find different tabs on which you can click. The tabs show you the different pages of the application where you can manage your content.

For example under '3D Models' you can upload and manage your 3D objects that can be used in the configurators.

Under 'Projects' you can start a new or open an existing project / configurator. You can select a 'style' and a 'starting template'. Depending on which template you chose, your project will already contain different BLOCKS. For example a floor, lighting and camera-behavior. This gives you a quick start, so you can concentrate on your product.

After starting or opening a project a new tab appears called 'Edit Project'. On this page you will see several windows and buttons. The full explanation can be found under the help-button in the top right corner. Also under the help-button you can find a full list of BLOCKS with its purpose and behavior.

The principle is as follows:
You build a tree of BLOCKS in the second window by dragging in BLOCKS from the first window. The first window only shows BLOCKS that are allowed or can function inside the selected BLOCK in the second window.

When a BLOCK in the second window is selected, the options for this BLOCK are shown in the right bottom window. By changing the values of the options the logic of this block will adjust to your needs. For example the 'orbit'-BLOCK is a camera that rotates around a center-point. By adjusting the minimum and maximum rotation or by changing the position of the center point the camera behavior will change.
The right top window is a 3D interactive preview so that you can see how the BLOCKS are reacting to the changes.

When you have a BLOCK or a tree of BLOCKS that you are going to use more often, select the top BLOCK of the tree you want to save and press the 'box with 2 arrows'-button.
In the window that pops-up you can even choose to share it with other users. For example if you have a list of materials defined that you want to share with your costumers that also build their configurators with the BLOCKS-system.

If you want to test the configurator you can publish it for a test. When the configurator is finished you can publish it for release.

After publishing you can browse your new configurator in any internet browser that supports webgl and you can integrate it in your website. For 'Business Enterprise' members it is possible to download the configurator and host it on your own server.

Example videos

This video shows how you can build a configurator. The end user can select the color and add an extra part.

This video shows how you can build your own 3D product catalog, share it with other users and use it in your own created 3D room planner.