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Frequently Asked Questions

An online 3D configurator is a web application that lets the user change a 3D image by manipulating different objects or changing their properties. The choices that the user makes will instantly result in a 3D visualisation. From this 3D scene different types of output can be extracted, for example a "Bill of materials" or a csv file.

A 3D configurator can vary from one product to multiple products with different parts. The products can be fixed on one location or can be located within a space by the user. The logic from the predefined BLOCKS can help organize the objects or parts.

A BLOCK is a piece of functionality that helps you set up your configurator. For example the behavior of the camera can be a BLOCK. Also posting an image to social media or printing a bill of materials is a BLOCK. The BLOCKS-system is designed around the idea that functionalities will grow by adding more and more BLOCKS.

The BLOCKS-system contains several predefined BLOCKS with logical behavior and 3D-shapes. By adding these BLOCKS and configuring them to your needs you can build a configurator. It depends a bit on the type of configurator that you want to build and the output that you would like to generate but in most of the cases you will need 3D models that represent your product. If your product can have different materials that can't be defined by a color only, for example wood or fabric, you would need images or textures to attach to the 3D models. Probably you would also want some own images for the buttons in the interface. Although there are several BLOCKS for making a standard interface, within the system it is possible to customize the looks of you configurator so it will fit your website.

On the internet there are several companies and freelancers that can create 3D models. Also there are marketplaces where you can post your request. We also can get you in contact with some good modeling companies.

With the feedback button within the platform you can send us a request for BLOCK functionality. We will either make it for free and add it to the system or in case the desired functionality is very specific, we will get in contact with you to discuss the possibilities. In both cases Configuration Studio is determined to help you solve the problem.

Ask the company that develops your website to build your configurators in BLOCKS. Although the BLOCKS-system is designed so that everyone should be able to build configurators, a web-developer will be able to get even more out of the system. With stylesheets the configurators can be styled to match your website and since the Configuration Studio kernel is a javascript library there is an api to exchange information with the 3D scene. If your developer has any questions he can contact us.

This depends on the type of account that you subscribe to. With the 'Business' account you are able to integrate the configurator with a so called iframe (sort of window) into your website or you can start the direct link (url). With the 'Business Pro' account you are allowed to integrate the configurator into your own website or other websites or you can start the direct link (url). With the 'Enterprise' account you are allowed to integrate it, start the direct link or download the complete configurator and host it on your own server. This will require expertise of webhosting.

Configuration Studio software runs in all major browsers*. If you still want your configurator to have an installer, there are several programs on the market that can make an app by using a web address, for example PhoneGap.
* if the hardware is supporting webgl, for mobile starting from IOS8 and Android5.

At Configuration Studio we are confinsed that once you have created your first 3D configurator, you will see the benefits of the BLOCKS-system for your company. Therefore we have made the membership licenses system very easy. As long as you see the benefits, you upgrade your online wallet by bank transfer. You decide the time and amount. The monthly cost will be debited from your online wallet. When you ever want to put the account on hold, you just stop upgrading your online wallet. You can still login but cannot upload files or build configurators and your published configurators will be put on hold. When you want to re-activate your account just upgrade your online wallet.