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Partners  - 3D Configurator Software

The BLOCKS-System gives businesses the tool to build and maintain their own product configurators. Although the BLOCKS contains most of the common functionality used in an 3D-configurator there will be cases when specifically programmed functionality is needed. For example specific output files or interaction between objects. Or you might rather outsource the implementation.

In these cases an implementation partner can come to the rescue.

Implementation partners are software companies that are trained in doing customized projects with the BLOCKS-System or with other Configuration Studio® technology. They can build new BLOCKS, manage a complete BLOCKS-project or build a customized application.


Configuration Studio® is a software development system to create visual configuration applications. With a logical structure, which has proven itself for over a decade, and the graphical possibilities of today's browsers, you have the tool to enrich your own applications.

Configuration Studio® technology can be used by software developers and webpage designers to create visually appealing applications in a short period of time. It uses an easy to understand scripting language and a clear structure for building the logic. Many ready-to-use BLOCKS guarantee efficient development.